DISH eBill

+ Email Design

The Challenge

The ask was to create an updated version of the DISH eBill. Current customers were receiving an email version of their bill that mirrored the paper bill. The customer experience of viewing the bill on a mobile device was challenging, and interaction was confusing and limited. What was needed was a version of the eBill that was simple to understand and provided easy access to payment options. Another key request, considering 52% of DISH email opens were occurring on mobile devices, was having a successful mobile experience.


The Solution

I created a new version of the eBill that succeeded in these objectives. Mobile rendering was a priority but still was equally effective for desktop viewing. A cleaner overall interface made it easier to understand payment due dates and balances. Offering a variety of payment options directly from the email enables the viewer to choose the option best suited for them. Providing a simplified summary enables customers to see recent activity at a glance. Also added was a “View bill details” link that passes through to a detailed summary of the customer’s DISH activity inside their MyDISH online account.

Once the design and template development was completed this new eBill came to life with the help of many talented individuals working on the back end to consume and process the dynamic data from the account records to populate the email at the time of send. This redesign and development of the new eBill resulted in increased click through rates and a 300% lift in installs for the MyDISH App.

Original vs. Redesign